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In early 90’s, due to the political instability in Afghanistan, Weda and her family were forced to flee from their country and sought asylum in The Netherlands.
This escape brought Weda and her family safety. However, the real battle for Weda is just about to begin.

Weda was only 6 years old when doctors discovered a tumour in her spinal cord. Immediate surgery was necessary after which she lost strength in her legs, ending up in a wheelchair. The doctors concluded there was nothing more they could do to help her. Weda blocks herself from almost everything and is about to lose all hope.
It is truly said that “Each man is the architect of his own destiny”
In the autobiography of Weda Ayubi “The Game of Destiny” you will read how a small child of age 6 faces lots of problems in her life, sitting in a wheelchair. Lost all hopes and faith in herself and in the sense of living. Despite all these obstacles she manages to turn her problems into challenges. She fights these insecurities, fears, handicap and fulfils her dreams.
A change in her life at age of 12, diverts all her thoughts that affects her entire life. This astonishing change is attributed to a person who is the inspiration and courage to fight for her life “Shah Rukh Khan”.
It is not easy to achieve your goals or fulfil your dreams. One needs both internal and external source of energy which leads to that path. For her, this source of inspiration is Shah Rukh Khan. He plays an important role in her life. The details on how this Indian superstar has changed her life and became the light in her dark room is to be read in this book.
At school she become friends with Lemin. This innocent friendship grows slowly into a love relationship. Her family, Lemin and Shah Rukh Khan support Weda to live a normal life like any other teenagers of her age, despite her physical disability.
The book “The Game of Destiny” takes you on a journey through Weda Ayubi’s life. All ups and downs a young handicap lady faces and manages to find her way of living with desires and dreams, just like a normal healthy person.


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